Channels like Primitive Technology are perfect examples of how long-form educational content brings a lot of value to viewers. Brands could do the same.

I came across the Primitive Technology YouTube channel a couple years ago through my oldest son, when he suggested we watch a couple videos together.

The premise is fairly simple. A man walks into the woods and, with his bare hands and some rudimentary self-made tools, builds furnace, a house, a pool, etc.


If you haven’t seen some of his creations, I urge you to do so right now.

But be warned, the videos are long. They do not have any spoken word (no one speaks, no voice over, nothing).

But there is a good chance you will be glued to your screen.

It is a mix of the Slow TV trend that started a few years back, with educational content that shows you, in detail, how to perform a certain task.

As of January 2020, The Primitive Technology YouTube channel now has 9,98M subscribers!

What this tells us marketers is that the way information and educational content are shared has greatly evolved and people do crave content that will teach them how to do something.

DIY videos weren’t born yesterday.

But the level at which videos like what John Plant is doing it with Primitive Technology is a testament to long-form educational content and how it can attract massive audiences.

Is this something your brand could be doing? Is there a blind spot in the content currently available to your customers where your brand could be the one teaching them skills and techniques they are looking to learn?

Christopher Keelty has written a very interesting article on the subject and gives more examples of how many YouTune channels are bringing this kind of value to the internet.

It is true, pretty much the sum totality of human knowledge is now available online. But there is a good chance there might be room for you, your brand.

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