Branded content always has two intrinsic objectives that must constantly cohabit: attract audiences and engage with them.

The Hubspot flywheel and our 3C model here at Toast* define two important and distinct elements of any content marketing program:

  1. You need to attract audiences, making sure your content is discoverable and piques their curiosity.
  2. You want your audiences to feel engaged with your content, also considering that they have a clear “next step” to act upon when they finish watching, reading or listening.

This dichotomy of engagement and discoverability needs to be considered when strategizing your content program. You want to make sure that you have content in your content library that allows you to fulfill both these objectives.

Depending on your situation, industry, means, some content might be dedicated to being discoverable and attracting traffic, while some other will have clear rules of engagement (downloading a piece of content, subscribing to a newsletter, booking a meeting with a member of your team, etc.).

This type of thinking is defined in detail in a Content Marketing Association article by Emma Baxter (Senior Writer at Stickyeyes), she covers a wide list of topics on the subject:

  • What is discoverable content?
  • Measuring discoverability.
  • Top tips for ensuring your content is discoverable.
  • What is engaging content?
  • PR-ability and influencer appeal.
  • Measuring engagement.
  • Top tips for creating engaging content for your blog.
  • How engaging and discoverable content can work together.

We invite you to click through and read more about these two content objectives, and while you are at it, ask yourself how well your content library is supplied in both. And if you would like to delve deeper on the subject, our experts at Toast are never too far!

* Curiosity, Core, Community (3C) is a 3-step model to approach the content experience your audiences are looking for. Contact us if you would like to learn more about it.