There are so many branded content opportunities, are you jumping in?

Marketers and brands need to at least be thinking about branded content. There are so many opportunities to distribute and leverage content to either build your audience or reward them for being on board with you.

Theodor Arhio and Juha-Matti Raunio of TBWA (the ad agency) in Helsinki just published their thoughts on the whole branded entertainment thing.

I especially liked their take on who should produce (or shouldn’t) branded content :

“But let’s face it—a long ad is just a long ad, even if it has an arc. Meanwhile, production companies that graft a brand onto an existing product should be aware that this isn’t branded entertainment either—it’s sponsorship.”

From Marriott’s “Two Bellmen” (which had a budget of 250k$) to TBWA&FremantleMedia’s “Buythis!” (click on the link in the article to watch the 2-minute business case!), they set the stage as to what’s next and how producers and brands can work better together.