A corporate narrative is not a slogan, nor its history up to today. It goes beyond this and is the angular rock of brand storytelling.

Think Different

Just Do It

Belong Anywhere

These might be slogans to you, but in reality, they are deep narratives that speak to the problem of the audience these brand wants to connect with and the problems this audience sees in the world. These narratives are woven deep into the fabric of each of these three brands: Apple, Nike and Airbnb.

The purpose of the brands behind these narratives speaks directly to the way these same brands execute their content plan.

A strong narrative paves the way to brand storytelling that tells the stories of the organization, of course, but also those of the clients, consumers, viewers and audiences of the brand. It tells the stories of employees that went the extra mile to satisfy a client or solve a problem. It tells a lot.

It helps brands differentiate themselves from the competition: “Customers will be drawn to a compelling corporate narrative with a long-term view that demonstrates a deep understanding of their needs and aspirations and, importantly, that helps them to see what actions they need to take to address those needs and aspirations.” – John Hagel III (source: HBR, a great read on the subject)

So how is your brand communicating its narrative? How is it formulated?

At Toast, “we believe in a world where everyone has the opportunity to be informed, educated and entertained in the best way possible.” And we do this through content.

We create connections that generate trust. Clients call us to support them in bringing their narrative to the world, to connect with their consumers and audiences.

This is our narrative. What is yours? We can help you define it and bring it to the people important to your brand.