Facebook is going all-in with video in 2017.

Last night, it was the first time a production from a streaming producer (Amazon in this case) was nominated for an Oscar.

And it won’t be the last.

Facebook is the next group who is making a big push for television and video entertainment. 2017 will be the year of video for them, and longer video at that.

They want you to spend even more time on the platform and are building products that will allow publishers to easily produce and monetize long video content. Tools like midroll ads, ad breaks and such will allow publishers to get an incentive into producing longer form content that engages and retains audiences.

This is what’s coming in 2017 for them (at least what we know now):

  • An Amazon TV and Apple TV app
  • Original content (now this could be interesting!)
  • Midroll ads
  • Ad breaks
  • Better video recommendations

With all this in the pipeline, we’re pretty sure to be seeing a lot of changes in our newsfeed in the coming months. To read more about it, I suggest you read the Digiday article that dives deeper into the opportunities for buyers into all these projects.