On a regular basis, we hear about a successful micro-influencer, often in a very thin niche, with targeted and highly effective content. “Farmer P” is one of those.

If you’ve been following the news here in Quebec for the past few days (we’ re in November 2022), you’ll know that a herd of cows escaped from their pen a few months ago and all the attention is on them and their run in the Quebec countryside (you can read more about it here).

Are these cows the latest influencers to rock the web? No. But let us introduce you to “Farmer P”.

“Farmer P” is Ian Pullen, a dairy farmer from Gloucestershire.

The BBC recently profiled him, in which we learn that he makes more money from his YouTube channel (just over 38,000 subscribers at the time of writing) than from his dairy farm.

His channel couldn’t exist without his cows and herd, but it’s interesting to learn that he reinvests the vast majority of his YouTube income into his farm and production (new barn, new equipment, etc.).

Although he has improved and refined his video production technique over the years, he is still a dairy farmer at heart, and we’ll let you discover his channel and some of his videos (including a video where calves escape!).