The Financial Times shares 3 tips on how they were able to improve the behaviour of their online reader base.


The beauty of digital platforms is the capacity to make incremental improvements. It is also the perfect setting to do tests and see how your audiences might react.


In 2020, the digital team at the Financial Times was tasked with improving the experience, and thus time spent, in a specific section of their app.


What is interesting is how they approached the problem, and how they found a solution that allowed them to gain almost 40% in the frequency of visits to their app. They shared these insights on an article by Anna Lisinski, who is part of the Product and Technology team at the FT.


Now although this use case was done for their mobile app, the insights and learning can definitely be applied to your own brand’s content hub.


In her article Lisinki outlined three key findings, or important aspects when tackling a content experience improvement mandate:

  • Improve the experience, not the “page”
  • Create a dynamic experience
  • Solving the user problem is the biggest priority

I will let you read the article in more detail, but these are very important pillars to consider and they all touch on the notions of experience and problem-solving.


Very often, producing more content might not be the best way to solve a content problem for your brand or organization, there is a fairly good chance that working on the experience might bring great results.


Something to think about.