What if your audience could create your brand’s story?


Your brand’s story, you know it. You know its values, you know its purpose. You know where it is going.


But does your audience?

What if your audience could tell you their version of your brand’s story? What if they were the screenwriters of your brand’s storytelling?


This is what Campbell recently did with its Goldfish Cracker brand.


You know, the little fish crackers we all love to love!


They asked children to think and imagine stories involving the famous goldfish, and then transformed these stories into marketing and content assets they will use in upcoming campaigns.


Short- and long-form videos, interactive books, the brand is creating content assets, but not from an agency’s pitch room, they come straight from their truest and most faithful consumers.


This Strategy article tells part of the story and tactics, but be sure to watch the video to learn more about the campaign.


And then, think about this: how could YOU leverage your audience into telling your brand’s story?