YouTube is a go-to destination for parents. And the metrics prove it.

October is the ever popular annual MIPcom conference season in Cannes and MIPjunior is always an interesting way to set the table. (Although this weekend’s flash floods might change the experience attendees will have this year…)

Malik Ducard, global head of family and learning at YouTube, took the stage in MIPjunior’s closing keynote to tell the audience how big the children market really is on YouTube.

If you didn’t know, the second biggest channel right now is Little Baby Bum with over 448 million views of its nursery rhyme videos. And the fourth biggest is a Minecraft channel with over 394 million views.

In all, half of the top 10 channels are for children, with 1.8 billion views each month.

And Ducard is all about making this even bigger.

The potential for youth content on YouTube is huge and on a global scale. If done properly, kids content can be relevant to children around the world, and that is where the model gets really interesting from a content producer’s point of view.

YouTube’s kids strategy is based around three E’s:

  • Entertaining children
  • Enriching them through educational content
  • Exploring new stories and characters

Ducard also talked about merchandising and partnerships that are forging the kids space, and that is where business model opportunities lie.

The MIPblog article goes deeper into YouTube’s position as a reference in family content, which makes me kinda wish I could have been there to hear it firsthand. Hope you enjoy the article as much as I did.