With the multiplication of platforms and formats, brands need to be able to adapt their content for multiple audiences.

It has only been a couple years since the advent of the Stories format that Snapchat made popular. These days, many brands are integrating this new format into their content marketing mix.

This is an example of how a brand adapts content and messaging for new formats and platforms.

What we are now seeing is brands using theses new vertical formats (for example) on more than social channels.

In a Forbes article by Paul Talbot, CEO and cofounder at Apester, Moti Cohen, explains how some marketers are leveraging these new storytelling structures with the goal to not only grab, but also keep attention from their audiences.

We know it, grabbing the attention of people is easy. Keeping their attention is much harder and this is where quality storytelling and high-value content come into play.

Anyone can create and publish content these days, but how many can really craft a story that keeps people glued to their screen.

At Toast we believe that we must all have the opportunity to be informed, educated and entertained in the best possible way. And this is why we work at developing and producing the best content to achieve this.

In the article, Cohen mentions brands that have embraced newer formats, on their own properties (not only social channels). Netflix with a story-like vertical format to promote its shows; Variety, Rolling Stone, and Marie Claire have developed native contextual Instagram-like stories within their content; and many more.

How is your brand leveraging these formats? How could they be integrated into your own properties, like your website or content hub?

At Toast we always keep our eyes open to new approaches, formats and structures, making sure we integrate them into our client’s and partner’s channels whenever it can create deeper engagement and better memory recall of the brand’s message.

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