Humans of New York has consistently been able to adapt to how we consume its stories. 

Humans of New York started a small revolution in 2010 when photographer Brandon Stanton started his project. Initially, the objective was to interview 10,000 New York City’s inhabitants, creating a large catalogue of the people who make that great city what it is.

6 years later, Humans of New York has amassed 20 million followers on multiple social media platforms and has featured stories from over 20 countries.

The key to this project’s success is double:

  1. The simplicity of the format
  2. The capacity to adapt this format to the multiple platforms where content is published

An interesting article from Newscred covers a recent series Humans of New York did on pediatric cancer. A series that has raised over 3,8M$ in crowdfunding, in 14 days!

I invite you to take a couple minutes of your day to rediscover (or discover) this superb storytelling platform