It only takes seconds for your video to have an effect on your audience.

Ad recall, brand awareness, purchase intent, how much on an impact does your video marketing efforts have?

A lot.

Facebook recently asked Nielsen to study the impact video views (and duration of viewing) had on these three KPI’s.

It seems that video content has an immediate impact on your audience (and by immediate I mean within seconds). If your brand is there and your message is clear (in the context of a Facebook post, which means not necessarily in the actual video), it doesn’t take long.

Here are some findings from the study:

  • ” […] from the moment a video ad was viewed (even before one second), lift happened across ad recall, brand awareness, and purchase consideration.”
  • ” […] people who watched under three seconds of the video ad created up to 47 percent of the total campaign value, and people who watched for fewer than 10 seconds created up to 74 percent […]”

What is clear here is that marketers needn’t declare a failure if their videos aren’t seen through to the last second. What this means though is that the editing of the video content needs to take this into account. The first ten seconds are key and will represent a lot of the value of the campaign.

Does this mean there is no real need for longer video content? Absolutely not. A viewer watching your entire 2-minute video will have a much stronger connection with your brand and will have been in contact with the entire story, the entire message, which is what you are looking for in the first place.

But knowing how much an impact the first moments and the initial touchpoint your video has can help making sense of that part of your audience that watched only the initial seconds and made you feel it was all a waste.