Jane Ko was all about Instagram, with over 100,000 followers, and she wasn’t seeing how to integrate TikTok into the types of content she published. She now has a TikTok account that has garnered close to 2M likes.

For many content creators, the TikTok environment seems very different from Instagram, YouTube or other creator-oriented platforms. And this has slowed many content creators from joining the platform and working on creating an entirely new community on there.

Jano Ko (@atasteofkoko) is one of them.

She was doing her thing (very well actually) on Instagram and was hesitant to add TikTok to the mix.

But at some point, she decided to try and she created a series of 100 videos: “100 things to do in Austin.”

In an eMarketer article, she talks about how at first the viewership wasn’t really there, but at some point, it started to catch on and one of her videos got 2 million views (entirely organic) and that’s when she changed her mind (to a point) about the reach and power of the platform.

Instagram is still her main channel, but she does still publish on TikTok and does brand partnerships on both platforms. You can read more in the eMarketer article, and do not hesitate to take a look at Jane Ko’s accounts to get a feel of her content creation ecosystem!