Creating better content than what is already out there is getting harder every year.

If you’ve worked on your yearly editorial calendar, original television concepts or other types of content plan these past weeks and months, you must have noticed that there is A LOT of content that has been published, in your specific industry!

(I don’t even know what your industry, but the content overload is very real in every sector of every business…)

Depending on your specific situation, the question you have to ask yourself is: how is my content going to be distributed, how different does it need to be?

If people will be coming in contact with your content through what I call a “manual distribution” (sent in a newsletter, published on social media, broadcast by a media entity, etc.), your content will not need to aim for the same uniqueness as if your strategy relies on inbound and search (where people will discover your content because it comes up on top as being the best source on a specific subject, think search engines, Netflix recommendations for a documentary, etc.).

This is where your strategy needs to align with these two situations.

If your context falls into the second one, you might be interested in the notion of “10x content.” This is content that is 10 times better than the current best source on the subject.

Michael Brenner, founder of the Marketing Insider Group content agency, recently published a comprehensive article on the subject of 10x content. He outlines the processes, effort and approaches necessary to build 10x content. I invite you to read the article, and also ask yourself: what is my situation, what kind of distribution am I aiming for and what kind of content do I need to produce?