The term “Smashable brand” was coined way back in 1915, when Coca-Cola asked a designer to create a bottle that would be recognizable even after it had been thrown onto a wall and smashed into pieces (I’d like to think he went so far as to decide up to how many shards it should remain recognisable!).

The idea is that the connection people have with your brand goes beyond the logo. We are no longer simply talking about emotions, mission or message, but about the feeling your brand exudes, when you smell it, touch it, when you are in contact with it.

Do this simple test.

Take your latest brochure or catalog. Take your logo off (only the logo). Look closely. Is your brand, your identity still apparent? Focus on the format, the copy, the message. Is this what you really want to convey?

On to the second part of the test.

Take your website, and again, erase the logo. Do your design, colours and everything else still represent your brand’s essence and what you wish to present?

When all is said and done, if you throw your brand on a brick wall, does it remain unscathed, aligned, whole?

(via Fast Company)