GE and other big brands are investing a lot in content, through this company.

1 office in New York City, 1 office in Los Angeles, 50 writers, editors, “visual storytellers,” and strategists publish about 15 daily content websites.

And they don’t even really have a website.

Group SJR is not your typical content agency. They work with GE, Xerox, the MPAA and many others, creating and publishing content in each brands’ voice.

Their articles have been picked up by the Time, Smithsonian magazine, and on MSN News, last year.

Group SJR is a branded content farm, but you wouldn’t hear its founder say it: “I don’t know the difference between branded and unbranded content.” says Alexander Jutkowitz.

Maybe he’s playing with words, but we won’t hold him accountable for it.

This week’s article is about Group SJR, their approach and how they position themselves with brands. An extremely interesting read that touches on budgets, ethics and who works for who.

And Jutkowitz says something we at Toast tell the creators, media properties and brand we work with: “When you hear sponsored content, there’s a negative association. There shouldn’t be.”

Go ahead, read.