Producing content is easy. Not throwing away money while doing so, not so much.

Gleanster Research has recently surveyed over 3,000 mid-sized companies, trying to understand how the best of them manage their content production process.

They evaluate that in the U.S. alone, surveyed firms will spend more than $5 billion in content production. The problem is that they also came to the conclusion that close to $1 billion of that amount is wasted through poor content processes and inefficient management of content marketing activities.

In a great 22-page eBook, Gleanster and Kapost sum up their findings and provide some guidance as to how brands can make their content marketing dollars better invested, or at least what the most common pitfalls are and how to avoid them.

I am sharing a Kapost post that sums up key findings, but I strongly invite you to grab a copy of the eBook at the bottom of the article (or email me if you’d like a copy).

The article outlines three key areas that brands need to nail down in order to make their investment in content count toward driving optimal revenue:

  1. Focus on Content Operations, Not Just Production
  2. Establish Processes to Enhance Efficiency and Effectiveness
  3. Invest in Making Your Content Marketing Operations More Efficient

Are your content operations optimal? Do you know how you could improve your content production efficiency?

These are questions we tackle with clients on a regular basis when building content operations. When working with brands, helping them build their content studios, we ask real questions and dig deep, evaluating how much should be done in-house, how much requires external resources, how to maximize content output, etc.

Content marketing and content production is now part of the daily life of a lot of marketers and brand managers, our goal is to work hand-in-hand with them in making sure their investment is sound and the production processes as efficient as possible.