Getting a content plan together is one thing, keeping up with it when the time comes is another.

We talk a lot about putting together a realistic and powerful content plan, but what happens when you’re well into it, 37 weeks later, and you need to produce new content pieces?

That’s where it gets tough. That’s where it can fall apart.

And that’s where you need to have had a regular editorial meeting in place to keep it all together.

Content marketing and branded content both work in the long run. Sometimes it can get short-term results, but most often, you have to be in for the long term.

When your plan dictates you must publish original and/or curated content three times a week, you need to maintain the energy, the momentum. How do you do that?

Hold a regular editorial meeting.

The article I wanted to recommend to you this week was published by Yvonne Lyons over at Right Source Marketing. She outlines what constitutes an editorial meeting (and what it doesn’t).

She gives rough guidelines on how to do it:

  • Have meetings regularly and religiously;
  • Get everyone involved;
  • Discuss what’s coming up;
  • Discuss overall pain points;
  • Brainstorm;
  • Cheerlead. (I love this one)

I also love the “what not do to” list:

  • Let people rattle off their to-do lists;
  • Dissect a problem piece;
  • Make it miserable. (if you haven’t, visit Toast’s conference room to pick’n’choose in our candy bar)

So, have you incorporated an editorial meeting in your content strategy? If so, you already know how it helps for the long term success of your efforts.