If you know Toast well or well enough, you certainly have heard of Movember throughout the month of November (We particularly pushed the subject on our Facebook page). We are especially proud of the sum we raised during our first participation in this movement.

Now that we have flipped to the December page on our calendars, it’s time for the breakdown:

  • An initial shave-off shot by our favorite director, Patrick Péris;
  • 30 days of mustache growing;
  • A crew of 13;
  • A complete loss of credibility for several team members;
  • Weekly enactments that showed:
    • The discovery of our developer Jérôme’s MOjo;
    • Alex’s mustache, which seems to come straight out of a Simpsons’ episode;
    • Mathieu’s scarce facial hair;
    • Sébastien’s enthusiasm for his new ‘stache (and his devotion to the Movember rule book);
    • The blazing growing speed of IanO’s mustache;
    • The uncanny resemblance between Simon and a cop.
  • An exclusive line of t-shirts;
  • A definite urge to grow our mustache back in 2011;
  • An astonishing number of donors;
  • A total of $3,001 at our first ever participation!

And so, without further ado, here is the photographic recap of our adventure.

Initial Shave-Off

Week 1: Mugshots

Week 2: Mo’shots

Week 3: Samo’tage

Week 4: Mo’st

What else can we say but: ’til next year!