Is this the year where we will see a decline?

Sometimes you just come across news you hadn’t seen, through your Facebook feed. This is what happened when I saw Micho Marquis-Rose’s (from Attraction Images) post about Netflix’s planned spend on content for 2016.

Six billion dollars.

You read that right.

It seems only ESPN spends more on programming each year.

This news came out earlier this year, but I hadn’t seen it and when I read this over the week-end, I thought this is something definitely worth sharing for a Monday morning.

But this is not making everyone happy, as some traditional TV execs are starting to wonder if there isn’t too much TV being produced. To which Netflix replies, and I love this:

“We don’t think there’s too much TV. And if there is too much TV, someone else is going to have to slow down, because we have big plans for 2016 and beyond.”

The article is short, and it’s the type of article you read in one minute and then think about for a couple days. How is your brand, how is your media, how are you adapting to such content powerhouses? If you’d like to discuss this, don’t hesitate and email us, we’re never too far.