2020 was a year where the evolution of many trends was accelerated by a magnitude we could not have anticipated. Here are 4 that are here to stay.

In the initial months when the pandemic hit, I spent a lot of time perusing over reports of changing behavior in consumers, how corporations were adapting to the situation and how content strategy and production had to be revised on a constant basis.

Since then things have settled, but some changes that we saw are here to stay.

The team at Think with Google published an article on the subject, outlining 4 important trends that we saw during the pandemic, trends that it seems will stick in the coming years (and decades?).

The 4 trends are:

  1. People will expect even more helpful, relevant shopping experiences;
  2. Consumers will be both locally minded and collectively conscious;
  3. Brand value will converge with personal values to drive spending decisions;
  4. Marketers’ own at-home experiences will lead to next-level empathy in creative.

Of these 4, the last two are really impactful on how we do business at Toast and how we see content being a relationship-builder between brands and consumers.

Content has always been at the core of how a brand can connect more deeply with its audience. How a television broadcaster can create a meaningful and durable audience, how a brand can build and grow its reach.

I invite you to spend a couple of minutes reading the article and ask yourself, how should I adjust my brand’s messaging in the long term, in light of these durable trends?