Each year, as we look forward to the coming twelve months, we take a look back and highlight the projects that have energized us over the past few months.

With 2023 in full swing, we wanted to take the pulse of our team members and highlight various projects that have inspired us over the past year, whether it was the challenges they brought us, the topics they tackled, the format or the pride of having contributed to something bigger than ourselves.

2022 represents more than 175 projects completed, which means well over 1,000 deliverables, and this for nearly a hundred clients. Nothing less.

Hundreds of hand-picked experts who ensure high quality content and strategies every single day.

What are some examples of these projects? Danny, Luce, Pascale, Laurence, Sandy and I have come up with a few.

Goosechase (choice of Danny Coggins)

Copywriting and Optimization of Articles + Video Production: “My favourite project was our collaboration with Goosechase (a scavenger hunt app targeting the HR, school and corporate sectors) for the production of editorial content (with a focus on SEO optimization) as well as the delivery of numerous motion design videos allowing them to consistently feed the blog and the various brand platforms.” – Danny Coggins

Observatoire des tout-petits “A roof over our heads”/”Un toit pour nous” (choice of Laurence Tellier-Brunelle)

Podcast Production: “This podcast series project is really close to my heart because I believe it can have a real social impact, by highlighting the consequences of the housing crisis among toddlers and by highlighting positive initiatives. It is important to ask ourselves how we can do better so that all children in Quebec have a decent roof over their heads. A project carried by an extraordinary collaboration with the clients of the Observatoire des tout-petits, the team and the host.” – Laurence Tellier-Brunelle

This project will be available for listening very soon!

The Welcome Collective “I am here”/”Je suis ici” (choice of Pascale Dupuis)

Video Production: “This year, rather than putting our energy into producing a Christmas video for clients and partners, the team here at Toast made the decision to take this time to highlight the Welcome Collective. We therefore dedicated this time that we would have taken in November and December 2022 to instead offer it to this an organization that helps refugees, by producing a variety of video content.” – Pascale Dupuis

Mirage (choice of Sandy Suissa)

Content Strategy and Implementation Support: “By operating on two levels (with both the commercial and corporate brands) and by demonstrating our expertise in developing content strategies adapted to each major business objective, we were able to guide this client through the implementation of the various content strategy components, and are now acting in supporting the application of these strategies, which are carried out internally by the Mirage team. This mandate is an excellent example of the evolution of Toast’s offering in coaching and supporting internal teams.” – Sandy Suissa


Canadian Museum for Human Rights “Pass the Mic” (choice of Alexandre Gravel)

Video Production: “The video project for the Canadian Museum for Human Rights, “Pass the Mic,” represents what I believe can be the pure impact that content can bring. In this case, the project serves to help support teachers in their conversations about racism, anti-racism, allyship and intersectionality with their students. A wonderful project with equally poignant and rich contributors.” – Alexandre Gravel


Québecor “Wild Cooks”/”Chefs de bois” (choice of Luce Roy)

Television Production, reality series: Toast Studio is also a bit Avanti-Toast, the sister company that is part of the same group. Avanti-Toast is the division of the Toast Group that is dedicated to television production in the traditional sense of the term.

“What a series! The shooting days are long and demanding, the people work hard and the work climate is good. Hats off to Isabelle Gamelin, managing producer, for putting together such a great team again for season 3.” – Luce Roy

Indeed, the shooting of season 3 took place last Fall and it is in 2023 that it will be possible to discover all the twists of this new season. In the meantime, don’t hesitate to find the first 2 seasons on the different platforms of Quebecor (TVA, VRAI and Zeste).