Should you be publishing once and promoting often that same article or going for volume in content production?

In our masterclasses and with our clients we often compare two approaches for content marketing programs: the publication approach (or content factory as we sometimes call it) vs the library (building a strong foundation).

In the first case, we see brands going for volume, creating new content every time they want to be in front of their audience. This will often create a situation where they might fall short of new ideas for content, or worse, cover the same topic over and over, hindering their SEO efforts (as they have so many assets or pages talking about the same topic, without a proper pillar page).

In the second case, which is an approach we recommend, content teams will, on one end, create the proper content and upgrade it through time (building a library of content that their audience really wants and searches for), and on the other end work at promoting this content in as many ways as possible.

But whatever the approach your brand has, publication vs library, there is a question you will have to ask yourself when putting that content in front of your audience: should you aim for reach or frequency?

A Brand Strategy Insider article dissects the two, making the case for frequency campaigns versus reach-only campaigns.

What do you think is preferable for your brand?

What strategy are you currently using?

Reach campaigns can be used for well-known brands that have a simple message to deliver, while frequency campaigns are key when faced with commercial avoidance from your audience.

Repetition is also the glue that helps tie the message to the brand. And in the case of content, the value this content brings back to the brand. Omnichannel content promotion and publishing is also a great driver of efficient frequency.

These are two variables that you need to keep in mind in your always on content program. Variables that needs to have the right balance to make sure you are building your brand, your engagement, your lead generation, your commercial results and the advocacy for your products and services.

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