Aligning sales and marketing is getting more and more important.

Isn’t this a sentence you’ve read before? Of course.

For many companies, content marketing is part of the strategies employed by the marketing department with the goal of generating leads. But, too often than not, once those leads are transferred to the sales department, the content experience is lost, even though a well-crafted content piece would be very efficient in making the prospect move deeper into the funnel.

This disconnect is getting more and more common. Content marketing creates real engagement at the top of the funnel, but once qualified, a prospect is sent to sales, who enter “sales mode” and suddenly, the brand/prospect relationship changes completely.

Tools and platforms try to create a link between sales and marketing by aligning content tactics available to the different teams.

As an example, Neu.Capital (a fintech company located in Australia) was able to improve this situation by implementing a platform that created a strong bond between sales and marketing (the dream of every corporation, no?).

The article I am recommending today describes how Neu.Capital reduced their CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) by 60% and improved the overall quality of the content it produces. One thing that really made a difference was how they focused on the personas they wanted to reach.

The text puts a strong emphasis on the Hubspot solution that the company put in place, but multiple platforms allow this sales/marketing link. Call me if you’d like to discuss this further and see how a content marketing platform could help you in your content marketing efforts.