6 trends and opportunities that impact the Canadian market

The CMF has an extremely talented trends team that keeps an eye on the movement and evolutions affecting content production. The beauty of this team is the fact that they bring a lot of value to the industry by sharing what they see on a regular basis.

This week, they published their mid-year update to their trends report. This report touches on content production in where things are evolving to in television and digital content production.

The report, which clocks in at about 12 pages, reports on 6 distinct elements to watch (or to consider when producing). I’ll only give you the main headlines here, but take the time to read the entire report, it’s well written, just short enough and extremely relevant:

  1. ALWAYS ON: Virtual Flirting with Reality
  2. SCREEN CONVERGENCE: Unrestricted Access to Content
  3. TRANSMEDIA: Originals from Everywhere
  4. THE POWER OF MANY: When Audiences Become Makers, Investors and Marketers
  5. MONETIZATION: Uncovering Social TV’s Potential
  6. THE BIG AND THE AGILE: the World is the New “Niche” Market

At Toast, we are particularly sensitive to points #3 and #6. Our content, when relevant and high-value, can compete with “premium” TV content. Also, it is not only competing against local comparables, but YouTube as a whole!

All in all, a must-read report.