For many years, Apple has promoted how good their cameras are. With this video, they are showing how it can be done… but we’re not convinced that you will be trying all that at home!

These past few months, I’ve joined my two sons in watching #ShotOnIphone meme compilations and I can say that Apple really has had something interesting on their hands for a while now in terms of user-generated-content with this meme trend, but as they have done traditionally they’re not really playing into it directly and publicly (and it might be a good idea with this trend as not all content can be considered… hum… brand safe for Apple).

But still, linked to what they’ve been doing on billboards, OOH and traditional media and such with the “Shot on iPhone” campaigns, they recently produced a great piece of branded content, tied to the launch of their iPhone 13 Pro model.

In this video, they show high-value production techniques that can give you Hollywood-style results even when shooting with a consumer-oriented iPhone 13 Pro.



What we find interesting in this piece of branded content is that although the product is very present and plays a large role in making the video work, the techniques showed actually bring value to anyone watching it, showing techniques that can be used with any decent smartphone.

This is what truly makes branded content work: bringing value to your audience, going beyond features and benefits.

And why not one last video for the road…?