In many small businesses, marketing is not a department, it is not an investment, it is a chore. This creates situations where the brand image suffers. It is often dictated by the “mood of the moment” or the latest buzz. But without the proper tools in place, you are not just “not marketing properly”, you are hurting yourself.

Your clients are in contact with so many brands these days that yours is not compared to your competitors, but to all brands they interact with. Your brand image needs to be well aligned so that no matter the touch point with a potential customer, the brand recall is clear and cohesive. Make sure that you have a brand filter in place that allows you to validate that a new marketing element “fits” with the others. Don’t be tempted to be overly creative because you saw “that great ad on the internet”. Brand image alignment is key to all major brands and yours is compared to those.

Through proper planning and with the right tools in place, maintaining your brand image can be done. It might even make life easier on you by putting aside guessing and questioning.

When positioning yourself, think not solely of your competition but also of the overall context your customers live in, they are not just “buyers” after all, they’re human too.