Even if you are not using it for your brand, you should understand Snapchat.

Are you on Snapchat? Are your kids?

The expiring-video startup has now become a viable media platform and is a coveted destination for many brands who wish to reach a young and connected audience.

Upon first contact, it looks so user-unfriendly (you read that right). By design, the interface is made so that you cannot really find content easily unless you know the handle of the person you would like to contact. There is the Discover section for media brands, but even it has limited slots available.

“As Facebook has transformed from a slightly wild place to a communications tool for parents, teachers, and heads of state, Snapchat’s more playful ethos, and the fact that anything posted on it disappears in 24 hours, has made it the looser, goofier social network.” – Bloomberg Business

Bloomberg has just published a long and very complete article on Snapchat, explaining how the platform has become so relevant, how they are making money and why filters like the one who makes your selfies look like you are vomiting rainbows (your read that right, again) are so popular.

I will not try to sum up this article here, it wouldn’t be doing it justice. So grab a cup of coffee, sit down and dive into the world of Snapchat.