Millenials adopt a digital-first approach to content discovery, and are platform agnostic in how they consume it.

YouTube recently asked comScore to study the impact of advertising on millenials. This is logical, as advertising is the main (if not only) source of revenue for YouTube.

In short, respondents said that they respond to ads that are relevant: that they exhibit a more favourable response to a brand that earns their loyalty and is relevant. Advertising is not dead, you just need to be approaching it from a slightly different angle (and content is part of that solution).

YouTube viewers (the platform preferred by millenials) cannot be categorized as kids anymore. 51% of its “die-hard” fans are employed full time, 43% have kids and 49% are female.

As an advertiser, you must of course consider digital distribution of your content, on the platforms where audiences tend to spend time. Whether it is for your own content, or for targeting specific audiences with relevant advertising, video is the perfect media because when someone is deeply engaged with content (which video does), it is a great opportunity for a brand message to resonate.

I invite you to read the Broadcasting & Cable article that digs deeper into the results and number. A short read, but a read that might make you see millenials and their content consumption habits from a different angle. And reassure you: advertising is not dead, it is just profoundly changing. But I’m not teaching you anything new by saying this!