Is the word “transmedia” being used less and less?

In this week’s article, Simon Staffans (MediaCity, Finland) writes that at the latest edition of the MIPTV conference, the word “transmedia” was hardly mentioned.

Is transmedia dead? Or has it been so well integrated into productions processes that we no longer need to mention it?

It is a question worth asking.

And the answer is more complex that we’d like.

The potential of deploying content on multiple platforms (…transmedia) has been proven successful, but is it really that well integrated into the minds of creators (scriptwriters, producers, etc.)? Not really.

We aren’t at the “business as usual” stage yet and every week, projects set new precedents. We are helping clients and producers put in place an approach where multiplatform planning is done at the beginning of the creative process, but it is not the case on every project. At least we can say that pretty much all the others have interest in these processes and want to learn more.

But, then, why does the use of the word “transmedia” seem to be fading? (if it is)

I’ll let you read the different opinions Simon Staffans collected on the subject.