After 70 years of publishing its print version, the 2021 IKEA catalog marks the spot in two ways: it is the last print edition and also the first as a podcast.

Ever wondered how to pronounce Skynke, Inbjuden, Oumbärlig?

Now is your chance.

For the first time in its history, IKEA has released its yearly catalog as a podcast, available on Spotify, and YouTube.

Running at just about 4-hours, you get a complete tour of the sections of the print catalog (which by the way 2021 is its last print edition), over 13 chapters that run between 10 and 30 minutes-long.

Some see it as a great way for blind people to experience the brand, others see it as ASMR (!), the narrator puts energy, emotion and overall brings a great experience to what could be a boring page-turning listening experience.

She goes beyond simply talking about the products, she also gives home decor tips and tricks to optimize your living spaces.

Worth listening to if you have some in-ear free time!

What could your brand do in audio format? What content do you have on hand that could be turned to an audio experience? We would love to hear from your ideas.