A few years ago, Marriott published a lot of content, but had no central hub for a global and measured strategy. Not anymore.

I have often mentioned Marriott in my articles over the past couple years. Their content strategy and the resources they have put in place are indeed excellent and give them particularly clear visibility on the impact they have on sales.

The article I will be referring to supports this, again.

Published by Contently, an infographic highlights the structure put in place and the importance given to the link between the engagement with the content and the rooms that will later be booked.

(Ultimately, you will notice that the article acts as a promotion for Contently’s platform, but there is still some interesting content in there)

When the Marriott Group went from 4 print publications to 8 online editorial hubs some years ago, combined with newsletters and social channels, they definitely made a shift that allowed them to measure the real impact that content can have in the tourism sector.