Stories have taken over the content strategies of many advertisers. Here is an overview of the situation.

More than 500 million accounts use the Instagram Stories every day and 300 million do so with Facebook and Messenger Stories.

Is your brand present in this format? Does it reach its audiences on the different platforms that offer this type of tactic?

More and more studies and analyses are being published on the successes that many have seen through Facebook’s Stories platform.

AdWeek recently posted an interesting guide on the format, a guide that presents many practical examples from brands such as Marks & Spencer, HelloFresh, OpenTable and Coca-Cola.

It includes guidelines on Stories’ performance factors such as the use of vertical format, rhythm, sound, sequences and playfulness.

The article is sponsored by Facebook, and written by Kay Hsu, Global Director Instagram Creative Shop, so of course it leans towards all the positive aspects of Stories, but it contains excellent examples from which your brand can benefit.

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