How have you structured your team, internally, for your content marketing program?

Most of the companies we work with do not yet have a content marketing department per se (and for most of them, that’s OK). Content responsibilities fall upon various people in the organization, but rarely with an actual plan or structure as to how this content is ideated, produced and distributed.

In some cases, we’ve seen structures where the people that work on the quarterly printed brand magazine aren’t working with the social media and/or web people, which creates this disconnect between what consumers see online and offline.

But in a reality where hiring or creating a content marketing department isn’t possible, how should your brand organize itself?

This is where we’ve seen the power of having an editorial board, a notion that a Newscred article by Giuseppe Caltabiano recently described extremely well.

In short, the idea is to create a board of existing team members, each with specific expertise, that work together on a regular basis to plan and execute the content marketing strategy.

For example, Caltabiano mentions the following macro-areas of expertise that should be around the table:

  • Content and Persona Owners;
  • Channel/Content Distribution owners;
  • Geographies.

Now ask yourself, who in your organization has this expertise and how could they be brought together to work with a managing editor who would coordinate the board and oversee the implementation of the strategy.

Your board could differ from the list of macro-areas above, but the idea is to leverage the expertise you already have internally and structure it under an editorial board umbrella.

The Newscred article dives deeper into roles you should have on your board and how you should work on the editorial calendars and what kind of meetings you should plan with your board.