The solution to content shock is ignition.

If you drop by the office or get me started talking about content, I’ll often end up drawing the three circles you see above.

Story. Brand. Distribution.

This is how we approach branded content strategy at Toast and how we build our external collaborations and partnerships.

Branded content cannot exist if not all three circles are taken care of.

For this post, I’ll focus on the Distribution element. Basically, the important aspect getting your content found and watched/read/etc.

And this seems to be one of the key elements that will make or break content campaigns in 2015 according to Mark W. Schaefer.

In a recent post, he explains how with the current state of content marketing creates a form of content shock, where the supply (content availability) explodes, while the demand (the ability for consumers to consume content) is finite.

If more and more marketers get on board with content marketing, how can the model be sustainable? If more and more content is produced, how do you get your content watched/read/etc?

Through content ignition.

Great content does not necessarily rise to the top. Great content is merely the starting point.
This really is the main challenge we face today. Making sure our content makes it to our target audience. Merely creating it is not enough.

Mark doesn’t have all the answers but he sets the table extremely well on what lies ahead of us in the coming months.

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