Renowned locally and internationally, and winner of two Gémeaux Awards at this year’s 30th edition, the TOAST Group continues to grow and proudly announces the arrival of the celebrated businessman and entrepreneur Serge Beauchemin as a partner.

The Group, which employs 125 professionals each year, is beginning its 15th year in great form. Its excellent reputation, its achievements, and its stability are what attracted Serge Beauchemin. “Alexandre Gravel, Ian Quenneville and David Pieropan are a well-known, and much sought after team. TOAST’s team has repeatedly proven that their strategic approach to the production and distribution of content makes them leaders in responding to the rapidly evolving marketing and media industries. TOAST leverages expertise in storytelling and content marketing through video production to occupy a unique position on the market, allowing clients to shape and share their brands’ stories.”

The company will work together with its new partner, Serge Beauchemin, on an ambitious strategy that will place TOAST on an accelerated track for growth. To do this, new hires and acquisitions will be at the heart of their action plan, both in business development and in production.

At a time when the supply of content is always increasing, it has become increasingly important to ensure that content is highly engaging. TOAST leverages its expertise in the field of distribution, measurement, and analysis to provide a real return on investment. “We have a very strong demand for developing content creation structures with our clients. As such, we help companies transform themselves into their own specialized media outlets, allowing them to produce and distribute content as they strive to achieve business objectives such as reducing the cost of acquisition, increasing client loyalty, and creating and growing audiences: in both B2B and B2C and on television,” says Alexandre Gravel, Partner, President and Producer at TOAST and Chairman of Regroupement des producteurs multimédia (RPM).

The company operates in the heart of an industry that produces content designed to not only inform and educate, but also to entertain. “Our business model is different from other traditional video and ad agencies. I take great pride in the expertise we have developed, in our positioning, and in the fact that – over the last 15 years – we have ensured our company’s sustainability and growth. The arrival of Serge Beauchemin confirms and reinforces our strengths; the future of TOAST is bright and it is a privilege to be taking part in this great adventure of creation and entrepreneurship,” says Ian Quenneville, Partner, Managing Director and Producer.

About Toast Studio

Founded in 2001 by Ian Quenneville, Cinema and Television Producer, and Alexandre Gravel, Multiplatform Producer, TOAST Studio is an agency that specializes in the production of branded content that can be deployed by both digital and television broadcasters. Built on a collaborative model, the team at Toast Studios counts on myriad of highly specialized production partners including designers, editors, writers, and directors; Toast also works with key design and post-production firms. Its portfolio of clients includes L’Oréal, Bell Média, Radio-Canada, TVA Films, Télé-Québec, Corus, Desjardins, Recyc-Québec, Vision Mondiale and Publicis.

About Serge Beauchemin

Serge Beauchemin is an entrepreneur at heart. At just 22 years of age and with only 40 dollars in his pocket, in 1987 he co-founded a company called 3-SOFT, which he sold 17 years later when it had annual revenues of more than $75 million. In 2005, his passion for entrepreneurship and start-ups led him to invest in several projects, including Strøm Spa Nordique, BonLook, Parkour3 and Ngenio. He is a member of Anges Québec and has been one of five “dragons” in the popular Quebec version of Dragon’s Den, Dans l’œil du dragon, since 2013. Mr. Beauchemin also acts as an investor, director and coach with several Quebec companies.