The opportunities for online branded content video are so big.

As more and more brands are turning to branded content, some channels are standing out as having far more reach and potential than others. Online video is one of those that can have a real and significative impact.

This week, I am sharing an article that asked five key industry players what their tips are when doing branded content with video.

I have decided to choose one single quote from each of them (I’ll let you click to the article to know who said what). View this as a small list of very interesting points made in this article (there are so many more I could have chosen).

Tips for effectiveness when it comes to branded content strategy:

  • “Be an entertainer! An engaged audience is an audience who will absorb the marketing objective for the content.”
  • “Actionable insight has to feature at the forefront of all branded content.”
  • “Don’t bombard users with the same ad […]”
  • “[…] and please don’t say “it’s got to be viral”.”
  • “Brands need to promote branded content more proactively.”

I strongly invite you to click the link below to read the rest of the tips. A great read.