Since 1999, our team at Toast Studio has been helping clients gain the most out of their advertising efforts and create a brand image that truly captivates and engages their target audiences. We specialize in content marketing to help create optimum marketing strategies that are specific to our clients and their markets.

The secret to our success is our ability to work closely with brands as a true partner and align our priorities with the growth of their businesses. We understand what it takes to connect to today’s audiences. By utilizing different channels such as social media, email, or video, we create strategies that engage viewers and create a relationship between them and the brand.

Our client-focused mentality has done more than enable us to offer the best solutions for our partners. It’s also the reason that our work has gained the attention of Clutch, a ratings and review firm headquartered in Washington, D.C. Clutch is a company that conducts research on B2B service providers, and ranks them based on how they compare to similar firms in their industry. Our company is included in their database as a leading content marketing agency in Canada on the rise with a proven history of building positive relationships with our partners!

Check out some of the great things one of our partners, the lead designer for a menswear clothing brand, shared with Clutch in our first review on our profile:

“I appreciated the quality of their work in general. Toast Studio is highly creative throughout their processes, from development to execution.”

“I’ve been pleased with their work from beginning to end.”

As we continue to move up the ranks on Clutch, our recently spotlight extends to their sister websites, The Manifest and Visual Objects! On these platforms, buyers in search of a service provider have access to industry reports, trends in different markets, lists of leading companies in different fields and regions, as well as representations of these firms’ actual work. It’s exciting to also be featured on The Manifest specifically as one of the best social media marketing companies in Montreal in 2018.

A business’ survival is dependent on its customers, and how they interpret a brand is a critical factor in its performance. It’s time that your company makes the most out of its advertising budget and develops a marketing plan that actually connects with the right audiences. Reach out to us today to get started on a new project!