Something we’ve been doing for a few years on the very last newsletter of the year: telling about our favourite projects of the year at the agency.

GURU Energy

A influencer-powered series to promote “good energy”

“This series was a challenge on many fronts from a project management angle, but also from a creative perspective for the team. Finding the right influencers, juggling content production calendars, but also multi-asset delivery brought the best out of us.” – Édouard Bousquet-Tremblay, branded content project manager.

Air Transat

Elevating practices in content strategy and content operations in travel

“Working hand-in-hand with internal teams and the clients we work with is always very satisfying. Everyone around the table is looking to elevate their practice and their knowledge of not only content marketing strategy and operations, but it is also an opportunity for the collaborators at Toast to do a deep dive into an industry and discover new inspiration.” – Shawn Grenier, consulting director, strategy.


On content hubs and article optimization

“It is always interesting to work with a brand that has great brand recognition and great content, and working with them in making the impact they have even bigger. We worked over many months with the team at Medicus to do just that: take existing content from their website and content hub and improve, optimize and refresh it. There actually were great gains made in search impressions and overall content visits!” – Danny Coggins, senior account manager, branded content.


Live and in stereo for the insurance industry

” ‘Tell me about insurance without telling me about insurance.’ This was the initial challenge we received, with the goal to create B2C and B2B podcast series. In the end, two great concepts that pushed the team at Toast in finding the best personalities to appear on the shows, the best experts to leverage from the organization, and overall, great audio success!” – Laurence Tellier-Brunelle, branded content producer.

Real Ventures/FounderFuel

A very live and lively Demo Day

“This was not our first Demo Day nor our first collaboration with the team at FounderFuel, and we brought it to a whole other level. Finding and working with partners like TKNL and ObviousC to allow the founders of these 7 startups to pitch their startup in the best way possible. From initial concept and storytelling or the event, to delivery of a final show that wowed the audience, the teams at Toast spent a few sleepless nights to bring this to life, with a smile!” – Isabelle Rousseau, branded content producer.