Many internal customers in your company? A lot of potential content to publish?

The reality is that increasingly, we are building libraries of ideas and content that are quite large, and at some point it can become difficult to decide what should be published, promoted or amplified.

Or maybe you are in a situation where you find yourself being the content focal point in your company and demands are coming from left and right, leading you to a situation where it is difficult to know what to prioritize.

In these situations, you need to have a pre-established method, agreed between the stakeholders, that defines how you can make an informed decision about the next content to be produced or published.

There are a very large number of methods to prioritize and support the decision-making process in organizations, but here are 5 of them:

  1. RICE
  2. MoSCoW
  3. Bubble sorting and stack ranking
  4. Dot voting
  5. Five Whys

How is each one articulated, how can it be used? An article published by GatherContent defines them one by one. I invite you to read it, perhaps making a choice from among them or continuing your research to find the right method for your organization.

One thing is for sure, having (and communicating it!) a prioritization method is key in a content strategy, especially in contexts where the volume of ideas or “orders” from stakeholders is large.

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