Planning a trip to Universal Parks and Studios can be quite challenging with all that is offered and time always being a bit limited once you’re there… The brand wants to help visitors with an extensive content hub.

Planning a trip can sometimes be a daunting task. Imagine planning your trip to Disneyworld or Universal Parks when you’ve been talking about it for years with the kids, and you (and them) don’t want to miss anything!

In the tourism industry, content hubs have often been great ways for brands to help their customers buy (as you might remember, I often say that “content does not help you sell, it helps your customer buy”). Marriott has been running their Bonvoy Traveler content hub for years.

And this is exactly what Universal has in store with their content hub Discover Universal.

This content hub aims to help visitors plan their trips, their days, with a lot of content in multiple formats.

From food to rides, to testimonials from visitors, they demonstrate that for this type of buying process, content can be key to help people move further and further in the decision process.

Here are a few examples of the types of content you can encounter on the Discover Universal hub:

  • A video series called “Ride Guys” that takes you through the rides of the parks, pointing Easter eggs, tips and tricks, etc.;
  • A Discover Universal podcast;
  • The “Dine & Ride” series that makes sure you know what is available on the culinary side;
  • Visits through every hotel to make sure you make the right choice;
  • User generated content from Instagram and other platforms;
  • …and much more.

Tourism is one of these industries where nowadays, a LOT of the decision process is done online (if not all), so providing high-value content can be key in triggering that decision, of course, but also guiding visitors in making sure they have the best experience once they get there.

One of the great things about content hubs like this one is that the content you produce will often have a very long shelf life, in some cases it is almost evergreen content. This means that your investment can be amortized for a longer period of time, as the pressure for extremely fresh content might not be as high as for some other industries or content strategies.

You can visit the Discover Universal content hub right here, or read the launch press release right here.

Have a nice ride!