If your brand had to do a feature film, what would be the theme of it? How would it tie into your brand’s values?

More and more, in the past few weeks, I have been having discussions on the importance of brand storytelling, on making sure your content strategy paves the way for content that goes to the heart of your brand, your story.

In the past, we’ve done documentary series for L’Oréal, we’ve also followed a reputable chef in Toronto for another, we deep dived into innovation for Le Groupe Maurice, and we’ve gone on a road trip to discover what being free really means.

All those ended up being great branded documentary series.

In all these projects, the associated brands were brave and allowed us to be inspired and create content that tied directly into their raison d’être, their values, along with the liberty to tell a great story, free of products and pitches.

And we’re now hearing from Hollywood Reporter that Ubisoft is preparing a new feature film on eSports where the main protagonists are … seniors. The story is based on a Wall Street Journal article about a group of seniors who formed a competitive eSports team.

This is a great example of how Ubisoft’s Film and Television division is ramping up production, but also how they are looking beyond the “easy” stories to tell.

But why do this?

These productions allow your audience to spend time with your brand, be entertained, or maybe learn something, free of any pitches or too-obvious product placement. This is quality time, this is value you bring to your audience.

So, if your brand were to release a branded documentary or branded film, what would it be about? To do the exercise, write down your brand’s values, and what interests your audience. Combine that. There’s a good chance there’s something right there, a great story to tell, waiting to be produced.