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For upcoming release, Ubisoft commissioned 4 films from video production influencers.

The gaming community is a hard one to please. They are extremely critical of not only the games themselves, but also what kind of assets are produced off the IP (intellectual property), like books, comics, swag, etc.

This means that for game publishers, great care is taken in how a new title will be brought to the market. How the story will be told, how the narrative will be introduced to hardcore fans.

Ubisoft knows this very well and they decided to produce 4 films for the upcoming release of “Tom Clancy’s The Division”.

But they didn’t do it “alone”. In all, 4 films were produced (all under or just about 10 minutes long). One was produced and distributed on Ubisoft’s own YouTube channel, but the other 3 were created by very popular YouTube influencers/producers: Corridor Digital, Rocket Jump and Devon Super Tram. These three YouTube powerhouses rack up over 2 billion views and millions of subscribers.

The films tell the story of three “agents” and their reality in a post-outbreak-post-apocalyptic-New-York-City. They are, in a way, linked together, but each produced by different production crews.

And this is where Ubisoft’s move was smart. By tapping into these creators, they also gain the reach they have when the films are posted to each YouTube channel. To watch the entire 30 minutes or so of video content, you navigate from one YouTube channel to the next.

And this is why, after the release of the films just 5 days ago, the project has about 2.1 million views (as of writing these words, and it’s going up fast).

Producing video content can sometimes be seen as costly, but when you can combine great storytelling with great reach, you end up with a winning combo. And this is our main focus at Toast, creating this combo of great production value with great distribution.

I invite you to read more about Ubisoft’s branded content initiative in a VideoInk article that goes deeper into how this project is unique.