Video content has great impact, but more and more, audiences are submerged in an avalanche of it.

If you scrolled your Facebook newsfeed for 30 seconds, right now, how many videos do you think you would see? I just did and there were 17 videos that were offered to me.


If you are producing video, as a broadcaster (many of these 17 were actually from television broadcasters’ pages) or as a brand, how can you make sure you stand out?

That is one question publishers, directors and producers are asking themselves.

When you only have a couple seconds to try and make these passive scrollers (my new favourite expression) pay attention to you, these initial seconds in your video content are key.

Maarten Boon recently published an article on this and came up with some tips and tricks that can help a video asset stand out from the rest of the noise you see in your social media feeds.

One very important aspect did come through: storytelling.

This is one things humans look for. A great story.

They are scrolling through, looking for the next piece of content they will spend some time on, but a great story always has its effect.

Are you integrating storytelling in most of your video content?

Other tips are mentioned in the article, but I invite you to lean back and ask yourself: how often are you telling the best story possible to your audience?