Original series, 10-minute episodes, budget at around 1M euros.

Vivendi, which owns Canal+, Universal Music and DailyMotion, to name a few, is betting big on the production of original content destined exclusively to mobile platforms.

With the upcoming launch (October or November) of the Studio+ application, the objective is to create a high-value content offer, produced specifically and exclusively for mobile viewing in the app. The initial launch will take place in 18 countries in Europe and Latin America.

“With over three billion mobile phone users in the world, mobile is the first screen” – Dominique Delport, president of Vivendi Content

All series currently in production will have the same format: 10 episodes of about 10-minute each. Vivendi is also betting on seducing known screenwriters, directors and actors by allocating production budgets of about 1M euros per series. About 60 are currently under production, selected from around 750 projects Vivendi received.

The business model will be based on offers from telecom operators to its client base, who will offer the Studio+ app as a subscription or include it in some of their mobile packages. With this approach, the operators will be directly involved in the marketing of the app and its content.


The article I am recommending today was published over at StreamDaily, it explains in a bit more details what the app will be and some of the series currently under production.