It’s clear there are things these properties do differently from TV.

Last week, we shot the first (of many we hope) one-hour TV special of a web-based series we produce, Miss Chic Tonique.

A property that was born on the web, which had garnered great success, and was now ready for TV.

For us at Toast, this represents the future of TV. Properties that live on multiple platforms, including television, but whose value doesn’t depend on television ratings.

This property started out as two friends who blogged passionately. Then it became this great web-based youth series. And now it has its own one-hour TV Christmas special.

What happened here? Let’s see.

Today’s article dives into these types of properties. And what is different from their traditional-TV counterparts.

We agree with the experts interviewed in the article on 5 key points that differentiate the two:

  1. Production values have skyrocketed (but budgets haven’t)
  2. Bringing awareness to monetization issues
  3. Built-in audiences create word-of-mouth hype
  4. Riskier content without the cable label
  5. Everyone wants everyone else to succeed

I especially like #1, #3 and #4.

I invite you to read the article, it goes into detail about each factor and also cites many current examples of such properties.