“Arrested Development” is back…on Netflix. Here’s what this might mean.

The cult series “Arrested Development” was canceled by Fox in 2006. In Spring, 2013, it’s coming back (that’s right, 7 years later) with a new 13-episode season which will be shown exclusively… on Netflix.

We are presently making the first stumbling moves toward broadcasting series exclusively online, and each new offering brings something new to the industry.

Series producers are betting on the “binge viewing” phenomenon which these days explains the success of some programs. “Binge viewing” describes how someone will watch several episodes or even an entire season of a program in a single setting (this explains much of the success of “Breaking Bad“).

The new “Arrested Development” episodes will all be posted at the same time. So big fans of the show will be able to watch the entire new season in a single day.

The business model is based on Netflix membership (less than $10 per month), rather than on advertising and sponsors and a weekly viewing schedule.

Will this strategy be rewarded with major success? Will we see more big-budget original series distributed exclusively online?

Stay “tuned”…

(via GigaOM)