When wondering what to do next, just ask your audience.

We pretty much all know Jeff Bezos.

The richest man on earth.

The guy who started Amazon from nothing.

Amazon, the website that sold books and only books.

But when, in 1997, Jeff Bezos wondered what he should do next, he sent 1,000 emails asking a simple question: “Besides the things we sell today, what would you like to see us sell?”

And the replies he got were filled with value. Value he would then translate into building the biggest online retailer and one of the biggest brands worldwide.

As content people, what can we learn from this?

If you are wondering what content you should produce, what themes you should tackle. Why not do like Jeff and ask a simple question: “Besides the content we publish today, what would you like to see us publish?”

It’s something we’ve been doing for quite some time now for clients, asking audiences what content they would like to read, watch or listen to.

The great thing about this is, you might even hear about topics you would never have thought about covering, but when you ask your audience, that’s what they’d spend time with you for.

This technique Bezos used is described in a CNBC article, along with some other learnings from the incredible growth of Amazon. Why not read it and see if other elements might be applicable to your brand’s content program?