Open rates do decline steadily after 2 PM. But it depends.

At Toast, when managing the newsletter strategy of a client, one question that they will often ask in the initial meeting is: “When should we send our emails? Which day and time?”

It depends.

That is often the answer, and it is the true answer.

It depends on the persona of your email list, the call-to-action and reason for your email.

If you are in the B2B space and are emailing people at work, emailing at the very beginning of the day will usually get you better open rates.

If you are in B2C and emailing consumers on their personal email addresses, end of day or evening could work.

But testing is the best way to know.

For us, at Toast, our newsletter is sent on Monday mornings at 6 AM. This has consistently worked for us in the past years.

But one thing that research done by GetResponse (which you can learn about in a Hubspot article) is that for emails sent after 2 PM, open rates start dropping.

That doesn’t mean you must absolutely avoid sending your mail after lunch, but you should test and see if your list’s behaviour matches what the research has shown.

The Hubspot article “The Best Time to Send an Email (Research-Backed)” also shows results from a Campaign Monitor study that analyzed which days might give you the best results.

Interesting numbers, don’t you think?

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