Print is not about to die.


In recent years, AirBNB has launched its Airbnbmag print magazine, Facebook has launched Grow, and several other brands have added a print dimension to their content strategy.

Closer to home, for many years the SAQ has published a magazine two to four times a year, CAA has published Touring for a very long time and many others are exploring the possibility of publishing on paper, just like a client at Toast who is exploring the production of a book.


A recent study by FIPP and UPM Communication Papers reveals that in the United States, the 25 largest magazines reach more adults than the 25 most popular television shows.


What is the place of print in your brand’s content strategy? The issue of distribution is obviously at the heart of financial considerations, but have you explored the potential that the publication of a magazine or book can bring to your brand?


And be careful here, we’re not talking PDF. This. Is. Real. Paper.


In a Mediapost article, it was observed that several brands that are natively digital are launching paper publications as an extension of their content channels. Paper is less and less the root of the brand, but more an extension of what is being done and what works on digital channels. Allrecipes (Meredith Corporation), thinkMoney (TD Ameritrade) and Porter (Net-A-Porter) are excellent examples.

Would you like to explore your brand’s potential for a printed publication? Let us know today to discuss it with our experts.